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Residential Lawn Care


"Client of ours Lawrence & Alice S. on our service program called to extend their gratitude to our program and Gratiot Landscaping. She stated that they always do such a wonderful job. They have been on our program for years and haven't been as satisfied as they have been this year with this company."
Steve S. & April G., Macomb County

"Hi Wade,
I just wanted to let you know that a senior on the Yard Service Program posted a very nice compliment about Gratiot Landscaping on the Senior Center Facebook page. That has never happened before. Her message is copied below.

Great job!
'Thank you so much for the senior center lawn service. I do not know what I would do without the work done by Gratiot Landscaping of Roseville.'"
Jennifer C., City of Madison Heights

"Terrific Thursday to you all,
We have recently received quite a few compliments on the lawn service for this season. Rave reviews keep coming in on how wonderful the lawn service has been this year. The excellent workmanship and how personable and polite the workers have been, are just a few areas that have been mentioned.

Thank you Wade for all of the hard work you and your staff have done this season. You are greatly appreciated!"
Heather P., City of Madison Heights

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