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Using Organic Lawn Fertilizer in Clinton Township, MI

Let us create a lush environment in your backyard with organic lawn fertilizer in Clinton Township, MI. Gratiot Landscaping & Home Improvement, LLC, is dedicated to making your lawn beautiful and healthy, starting with good food for your grass, trees, and shrubs.

Why our lawn-care company uses organic fertilizer on the lawns under our care.

Organic is better for your plants. It offers a full-range of nutrients in addition to the primary three — nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Natural fertilizer is gentler on your plants, too, with no chemical burns. Organic is slower to break down in the soil, providing nutrients for your lawn over the long term.

Chemical fertilizers are hard on plants and micro-organisms. Earthworms are welcome creatures, for they aerate the soil by their movement and nourish it with their compost. These and micro-organisms move the soil around and add nutrients to it. With fewer worms and micro-organisms, plants have to work harder to get the nutrients they need, resulting in nutrient-poor soil.

Organic is safe for plants, pets, and the environment. Organic fertilizer is made from compost or manure, while inorganic often is made from fossil fuels. The run-off ends up in nearby ponds, lakes, and rivers, causing algae blooms that suck the oxygen out of the water, endangering fish and aquatic life.

These are the reasons our company is a Clinton Township organic fertilizer supplier. We believe the lawns we take care of are proof of the benefits of organic over chemical. Reach out to us for an online quote.