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About Our Company

Gratiot Landscaping began when Mr. Wade Daley decided to change careers, follow his entrepreneurial dreams, and operate his own business. As a veteran- and minority-owned company founded by Wade Daley & Roberta Dombecke in 2014, we provide lawn care, snow removal, and landscaping services to over 500 residential properties and 13 commercial clients. We are a growing company that is built on a set of core beliefs that drive our customer service business model.

Growth, Respect, Accountability, Transparency, Integrity, Opportunity, & Teamwork

These are the values that our organization is built on. They set us apart, and they are values that our customers have come to expect. These are values that make a difference. While we are still a relatively young organization, our team has an average of 6 years in the Green Industry and in all forms of customer service.

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Company Philosophy

The responsibilities of managing turfgrass, ornamentals, and other landscapes while protecting the environment are very challenging. We take these responsibilities seriously and commit to applying best practice standards in all our applications. As such, a premium is placed on the skill level, professionalism, and industry expertise of our team. As depicted above, we believe that we meet all the criteria required to function at a high level and in accordance with the standards and expectations of our clients. Below, we have highlighted our strengths and commitment to the Green Industry.

• Ownership by a Green Industry Practitioner reinforces that best practice modalities are our top priority.
• Highly experienced Chief Executive Officer with strong public health background, a great understanding of customer service, and proven managerial success.
• Strong emphasis on compliance with state and federal guidelines.
• Commitment to strong leadership, policies and procedures, and staff training.
• Strong and experienced group of Commercial Applicators and Lawn Care Technicians who are committed to best practice applications and customer education.

Committed to Our Clients

We consider our clients partners in the same way we strive to be partners to our vendors. Gratiot Landscaping's commitment to client relationships appears to be somewhat unusual within the Green Industry. Many other companies place profits over customer service and service quality. With no outside stockholders or investors to answer to, Gratiot Landscaping has the freedom to do what's right for our clients.

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Gratiot Landscaping proudly offers customized service in an industry of "big box providers." While other companies focus on pursuing as many contracts as possible, we focus on satisfying the needs of existing clients before pursuing new ones. This very real commitment to 100% client satisfaction is what separates Gratiot Landscaping from others in the industry, and it's the primary reason we have never lost a client through a competitive rebid process.

Flexible, Thorough, and Intimate

We are flexible in that we design our programs to meet the specific needs of each client. Gratiot Landscaping recognizes that the combination of location, scope of services, financial pressures, and timing create unique needs for each client. Although we develop our programs in response to a client's request for service, as we get to know their property and its specific issues, we work collaboratively with them to constantly improve their program. We are thorough in making sure that our programs conform to all appropriate standards and completely satisfy our clients' needs.

What enables us to be responsive to our clients is our willingness to get to know them and their concerns. This intimacy is a direct result of the continuous efforts of Gratiot Landscaping's leadership to spend time with clients. In addition to the daily operating relationships that develop naturally between clients and Gratiot Landscaping's site personnel, our Quality Improvement Coordinator makes a concerted effort to visit each site on a regular basis to get to know our clients and their needs.

Addressing Clients' Concerns with Meaningful Solutions

One of Gratiot Landscaping's greatest strengths is our ability to listen to clients and develop meaningful solutions that address their concerns. We serve our clients well because we understand their concerns for:

• Budget and Cost Issues
Gratiot Landscaping continuously looks for cost savings (without jeopardizing service, quality, and plant health) by adapting staffing mix and managing services to ensure that only necessary service is rendered.

• Transparency
We are committed to fairness and transparency, which has led to strong relationships with our clients. Our price proposal is an example of this transparency, which clearly details the cost for the requested services. 

• Trust
The foundation of any successful partnership is trust. Our clients may not always like what we have to say, but they can count on us being honest with them. We believe in sharing news — both good and bad — as soon as we can so that we can address issues in an open and constructive manner.

• Flexibility
Gratiot Landscaping is not a large provider with multiple levels of bureaucracy and committees and boards and approvals. We are a flexible, thorough, and intimate lawn care provider. We can make changes when we need to, and you will know the people you need to talk to should a problem arise.